Marie-Louise Hellgren

Marie-Louise Hellgren

The Swedish designer Marie-Louise Hellgren challenges the basic rules of furniture design – by starting at the finishing end. Her innovative furniture is sourced from discarded goods in a belief that designers must face up and take their responsibility for the misuse of resources, energy and our ever-growing piles of junk. 

Marie-Louise Hellgren has dedicated her talent to objects of everyday use leveraging natural shapes and forms that are soft-spoken and subtle. Her first international breakthrough came in the early 1990′s with a best-selling coffee cup, Collection for Höganäs. Hellgren has been at the forefront of the upcycling design movement in Sweden and her popular and diverse work can be found in many, if not most, Swedish homes today.

“It is a challenge to convert the waste materials that I get from manufacturers into useful and well-designed furniture because I never know what kind of material or how much of it that I am going to get,” says Hellgren. “But it is a very meaningful process for me to work like this since I’m creating value out of something that other wise would be a liability.”

Her furniture was recently exhibited at Salone del Mobile as part of the official Swedish event Swedish Design Goes Milan – In Real Life at La Posteria during the April 8-13, 2014.

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