Bunad Blanket

Bunad Blanket

The Bunad Blanket is a new product category that encompasses recognizable aspects from the bunad tradition. Bunads are composed of color in proportion - that means compostition and disposition of surfaces. The bunad is further composed in a series of different materials and techniques such as embroidery, detail seam, pearls, wool, linen, metal and so on. The Bunad Blankets represents a simplification and transferring of the Norwegian folk costumes. The Bunad Blanket introduces this rich tradition into our daily environments and interiors.

The quality of the blankets has the right balance between weight and function (not too thick) and it drapes nicely. It is meant as an all-year blanket, to be used both at home and in the summer/winter cabin.

The blankets measure 130 cm x 200 cm (without fringes).

Andreas Engesvik
Mandal Veveri

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    $ 39900

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Mandal Veveri is one of Norway's leading producers of woolen goods. With a century of experience within textile manufacturing and the skill and experience of their workers, you[...]

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