Convex Carpet

Convex Carpet

Reminiscent of a Lego building block, the "Convex" carpet by Pia Wallen is a whimsical addition to any space. The raised polka dots offer a subtle addition of texture and layers to wherever it is placed, an integral element in the creation of a defined style.

Asplund’s hand-tufted rugs are made of high quality New Zealand wool, which is rich in natural fats that give the rugs a natural luster. The material is durable and provides good protection against stains.

Available in a variety of standard colors.

Customer's own size is priced per sq ft.


*This item requires special delivery. We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss rates and delivery times.

Pia Wallen

  • Price
    $ 2,80000

About the designer

Asplund was founded in 1990 and the first product saw the daylight in 1993.

Asplund's philosophy has always been to create clean, elegant lines[...]

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