Doris Woven Rug

Doris Woven Rug

Doris is a woven rug in pure wool, used with two types of yarn: a fluffy chenille to create the pattern and the classic wool yarn. The dotted pattern used to give the rug its beautiful texture has been inspired by the varying shape of gemstones. The colours also bring to mind gemstones and metals, ranging from subtle, natural colours to clear, vibrant combinations, in a total of 10 shades. Doris also makes a very effective and exclusive wall to wall carpet.

Colours: Ruby Red 62, White Pearl 80, Silver Beige 880, Golden White 881

Good to know: Depending on the natural materials used and the different handicraft processes in production, dimensions of the rug may vary by up to 5%, so please state maximum or minimum dimensions when placing your order. The yarns used to make Doris are the same as those used in other woven rugs. This gives you the opportunity to create your own colour combinations! Read more at

Standard width: 2’11”, 4’7”, 5’7”, 6’7”, 8’2” and 9’10”

Customised width:  2’4” – 19’8”

Item is ordered in square feet.


*This item requires special delivery. We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss rates and delivery times.

woven chenille, pure wool, linen
Gunilla Langerhem Ullberg

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