Edible Kuro Powder

Edible Kuro Powder

Powerful White Charcoal working from within.

A treasured ingredient in traditional Japanese kitchen, this powerful EDIBLE KURO POWDER has multiple powerful uses and can be added during cooking to boost the nutritional value of almost any food; such as breads and cakes, rice and pasta dishes, even desserts and ice cream. It's entirely up to you - and what's more, this potent natural powder will color your food dramatically black or grey.

EDIBLE KURO POWDER is made with pulverized White Charcoal, traditionally handcrafted in Korea from organic Red Pine needles and known for centuries for its highly effective purifying, enriching and detoxifying qualities. Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen was among the first to incorporate this product in their cooking and decor. 


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Sort of Coal
Sort of Coal

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So very simple yet so abundant in possibility, this inherently organic, eco-gentle product hands us the chance to rediscover a life less complicated -[...]

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