Esther and Stina Woven Rug

Esther and Stina Woven Rug

This boucle rug has a loop yarn that shimmers in many different shades. The yarn is specially made and inspired by the close-cropped fleece of sheep. The mix of linen and wool in various shades creates a marbled, shimmering surface. This rug is hard-wearing and has a robust texture. Shaft-woven in pure wool and linen.

Colours Esther: Green 38-3008, Grey 55-5005, Black 57-5007, White 803-8006, Soft Grey 850-8005

Colours Stina: Hazy Grey 5005-850, Misty Grey 5006-801

Good to know: Depending on the natural materials used and the different handicraft processes in production, dimensions of the rug may vary by up to 5%, so please state maximum or minimum dimensions when placing your order.

Standard width: 2’11”, 4’7”, 5’7”, 6’7”, 8’2” and 9’10”

Customised width: 2’4” – 19’8”

Items ordered in square feet.


*This item requires special delivery. We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss rates and delivery times.

woven boucle, linen, pure wool
Gunilla Langerhem Ullberg

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