Glimmer Hand Tufted Rug

Glimmer Hand Tufted Rug

Glimmer is a hand-tufted rug with a tight, short pile of wool and a specially dyed linen yarn that gives the rug its shimmering pattern. The irregular shape of the rug with no right angles challenges the eye and creates tension - what seems to be a straight edge is really a convex line. Glimmer comes in three elegant colour combinations to suit a range of different settings.

Pile height: approx 13 mm

Good to know: Depending on the natural materials used and the different handicraft processes in production, dimensions of the rug may vary by up to 2%. Note that the Glimmer rug has an irregular shape without any right angles, to challenge the eye and add interest.

Other sizes upon request.


*This item requires special delivery. We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss rates and delivery times.

pure wool, linen
Petra Lundblad

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