Paola Navone Collection

Paola Navone Collection

Paola Navone has created a colleciton of hand tufted and woven rugs with the stylistic elements that are so typical of her. 

Crinkle design is like a tightly twisted cloth that has been dip dyed then opened and dried, resulting in a fluid striped decoration, with stripes tat are soft and imprecise.

Dye Dye design is like a wrinkled cloth dipped in colour, then opened and dried, resulting in a decoration made by thick spots that have been enlarged out of scale.

Fold's precise and graphic pattern is infinitely repeated-like a sheet of paper that has been folded millions of times, then opened and laid out with wrinkled thick graphics. Fresh, deep and bright.

Patch design is a tartan where all patterns are different, stripes and small checks, naive dots, small archaic sketches and neolithic signs. 

Pile height: 11 and 22 mm

Good to know: Depending on the natural materials used and the different handicraft processes in production, dimensions of the rug may vary by up to 5%. The Crinkle, Dye Dye, Fold and Patch rugs are printed on an all-white Häggå-quality. All printed rugs are supplied with backing, which stabilises the shape of the rug and prolongs its life.


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pure wool, linen
Paola Navone

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