Sense Light Swing

Sense Light Swing

Sense Light Swing is a light fixture that is also a moving, eye-catching work of art that works well even in large spaces.

The shape of the fixture comes from a hanging swing for children; Alexander Lervik’s concept for Sense Light Swing was created, after all, for the 2005 show “Five Playful Chairs”. The seat of the swing, made from transparent acrylic, is lit from within by a strip of high-powered LEDs.

Sense Light Swing creates a spectacular light show as it swings back and forth on its long hanging cords. Sense Light Swing has garnered large amounts of attention in the international media ever since its prototype phase.
Even it is a lighting fixture it work as swing too.

Although the Sense Light Swing is intended as a lamp, it works just as well as a swing.

Depth: 25 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 200 cm


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Alexander Lervik
Saas Instruments

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    $ 2,65000

About the designer

Alexander Lervik’s creations range from small bicycle lamps to large light works of art, from furniture to architectural assignments, and from art[...]

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About the designer

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