Shiro Shampoo

Shiro Shampoo

Invigorating wash for your dry/fine hair.

A white shampoo for treating your hair to an invigorating wash, leaving it cleansed, moisturized and with a healthy PH balance. Especially suited for fine, dry and normal hair, this shampoo contains pure Char Essence, and you will soon find yourself addicted to the invigorating sensation on your scalp and the sensuous smoky scent in your hair.

KURO SHAMPOO is dermatologically tested and handmade in Denmark using only natural ingredients and no harmful substances. For extra shine and to remove dandruff or smells, we recommend that you first rinse your hair with a solution of 5 ml of Sort of Coal's CHAR ESSENCE in 1 liter of water, and then finish with a normal shampoo wash.


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Sort of Coal
Sort of Coal

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So very simple yet so abundant in possibility, this inherently organic, eco-gentle product hands us the chance to rediscover a life less complicated -[...]

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