Shiro Soap

Shiro Soap

Invigorating white soap for your face and body.

An invigorating white soap with pure Char Essence for your face and body; especially suited for normal and oily skin types, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Char Essence is a natural byproduct from the traditional production of White Charcoal and long cherished in Japan for its purifying and PH balancing effect on the skin, as well as for its delicious woody and smoky scent.

SHIRO SOAP is handmade in Denmark, using only natural oils free from any harmful substances. And because waste is such a waste, Sort of Coal also spent a great deal of effort on the packaging design. We hope you will find plenty more use for this fine little cardboard box.


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Sort of Coal
Sort of Coal

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So very simple yet so abundant in possibility, this inherently organic, eco-gentle product hands us the chance to rediscover a life less complicated -[...]

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