Transparent Speaker

Transparent Speaker

Transparent Speaker's technical and design considerations go far beyond its clean exterior. It's been specifically crafted and specced as a speaker for the future yet, paradoxically, something that slots into your life as if it's always been there.

With today's technology, it's as close as we can get it to being true plug'n'play. That means no drivers on a CD for an outdated operating system and definitely no calibration that requires a degree in engineering to rig. Just a power outlet, a jack or bluetooth bumper to connect to and you're off.

During its life with you, it may need a bit of extra love if a component needs changing. With this in mind, everything's nice and easy for a audio store to replace but it comes with a little tool if you fancy a tinker.

The jack port, on/off switch, volume, bass and treble are on the front - where you'd expect them - and the power lead is tucked in the rear corner, so there's no cables cluttering up the place. No surprises, just crystal clear sound straight from the box (which we'd love you to recycle when you can).


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People People
People People

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Transparent Speaker

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People People is a Swedish Industrial Design Agency. Their work moves between cutting edge designs to extremely functional ones.  They are a[...]

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